New to social media? No problem. At Unitas Digital Solutions, you will work with a dedicated marketing strategist who can help you determine which social networks will be the most appropriate and effective for your business. Just some of the social networks that we can boost your presence on include:

Of course, we’ll usually recommend that you focus the majority of your effort on one or two major social networks, rather than trying to establish a presence on everything that’s available.

We’ll work with you to determine which social sites will be best for your company based on your industry, goals and any social media you already have. We’ll then help you create the best possible profile on those networks.



Content Promotion Is Key

Content is the foundation of social media marketing. If you don’t post engaging content, there’ll be no reason for a user to follow you – much less click through to your site.Unitas Digital Solutions has a team of expert content creators who can generate captivating content that attracts your target audience. To do this, we may establish a blog for your company if you don’t already have one. We’ll then start creating valuable content for your blog that will also serve as a foundation for your social media marketing strategy.

Our social media marketing experts will not only post your content at strategic times, we’ll also interact with your social communities and directly engage your audience. Getting people to notice and appreciate your content will lead to followers and sales. We can also add social buttons to your site, which encourages audience growth by allowing your site visitors to share your content with their own social follo

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