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Give us a call or fill out our Contact form and a project manager will provide you with a free initial consultation. We’ll look for deficiencies in your website and suggest ways we can help.

Absolutely! You will gain exclusive rights to all of the content once you remit payment. You can then do anything you’d like with the content, including adding your own byline, publishing it online or in print, or selling it to a third party. We will never re-use or re-sell any content you have purchased.

We will happily create a sample article for you on a topic of your choosing as a way to test our services. This allows you to see a fresh sample written to your unique specifications and requirements, rather than a page written for someone else. This policy also protects the privacy of our existing clients. Simply contact us and ask for a sample.

Your project manager will provide you with a timeline for completion before beginning your project. Fast turnaround times are a cornerstone of our business, but we never sacrifice quality. We’ll work with you to establish a deadline that meets your needs.

Unitas Digital Agency offers highly competitive rates. The exact price of your project will depend upon the size of the project, complexity, research requirements and other factors. As an example, our rates for content writing begin at 6 cents per word. We’re confident that you’ll be extremely pleased with the value of the work we perform.

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